You’re going to want to look your best this New Year’s Eve. After all, you’re spending it in New York’s Times Square—the epicenter of New Year’s revelry the world over! Here are a few tips on looking your best when you watch the Ball Drop.

Always consider the occasion. There are a lot of different parties to choose from this year, ranging from hip pubs to black tie galas. How formal is the gathering you are attending? If you are attending an upscale dinner party, you should stick with a more conventional ensemble. Avoid a dress that falls above the knees, ladies, and gentlemen, a crisp suit. For more informal parties, outfits that show a bit more skin are perfectly acceptable, and will keep you looking good on a dance floor. Make sure not to wear anything too long or tight to dance in if you’ve chosen to boogie your way into 2022.

Find the perfect color. For New Years Eve, its usually better to pick "party colors", such as gold, silver, purple, maroon, navy and black. Consider which colors accent your best features. There are many online sites that give color recommendations based on skin tone, hair and eye coloring. You can also ask your friends and family which color you look best in. Don’t worry too much about following trends. The key to a good cocktail party ensemble is to choose a style, cut and color that complement your body, features and skin tone. Get fun with the accessories. Big sparkling earrings or a loud tie that you may not want to wear to work are completely in order for a night of festivities.

Think about comfort. An upscale soiree might be a great place for those 5-inch heels or that vintage suit you’ve been dying to wear, but a club scene requires a bit more comfort. You’re going to want to keep dancing! Keep in mind dressing for the weather—winter in New York can get pretty crazy! Make sure to wear suitable fabric. Satin and cotton are good choices, however linen or suede may be less appropriate as they are more summer-like materials. If your party takes you outside, your outerwear will be a big part of your eveningwear, and keep the look going strong by leaving that parka at home. Layer a great blazer or a shrug over your main outfit for quick trips onto the terrace, or find a fabulous trench if you’ll be mostly outdoors. Accessorize with a cashmere scarf and leather gloves, a luxe outdoor look that adds a touch of class to any coat. A great way to make sure you’ll stay comfortable no matter what is to reserve your seating—not to mention a great way to spend this New Year’s Eve in style!